Next asian events for Elisabetta Rogai’s wine-made paintings

Dear friends, Elisabetta’s paintings in Hong Kong will be featured at the following events:
Hong Kong Art Walk – Hong Kong, April 18, 2013
All art galleries in Hong Kong will remain open until Midnight and later, to give collectors and art lovers the chance to walk around the city from one gallery to another. It’s a promotional yearly event that attracts all sort of visitors. Art Supermarket gallery is well located near the Escalator where approx. 60,000 people pass by every day!
Art Basel in Hong Kong – Hong Kong, May 23-26, 2013
Normally takes place in top / 5* hotels or at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, HKCEC (which you may recall I have already contacted around February but got no response). This is a very prestigious Contemporary Art Fair, also yearly, that attracts people come from all over the world, both as exhibitors and as visitors. It started in Basel, now Hong Kong and Miami and has a branch in London too. Part of this fair incorporates the Asia Contemporary Art Show ( which is partly owened by Art Basel and therefore the fair will take place in the same venue and dates – two fairs in one – double visibility!

Towards the end of the year, we may attend the following, however the gallery will confirm around the time which one we may go (probably the second one):

Fine Art Asia – Hong Kong, October 4-7, 2013 or

Asia Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong, October 3-6, 2 2013



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